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To use the MyCarAlert app in conjunction with MyCarAlert GPS devices, a subscription must be purchased.
Why is this necessary?
The GPS device comes with a SIM card that includes a data plan (in this case, the coverage is limited exclusively to Romania).
Check international subscription plan for worldwide coverage

This SIM card plays a crucial role by facilitating the transmission of data to our servers, where it is stored and analyzed.
Concurrently, the mobile application establishes a connection with our servers, enabling access to information about your car, along with receiving alerts, among other functionalities.
The subscription fee comprehensively accounts for all costs associated with the SIM card, server maintenance, and the app’s usage, ensuring there are no extra charges for data consumption.

Furthermore, to enhance signal reception, we advise purchasing an OBD extender cable.
This accessory allows for optimal placement of the GPS device, ensuring improved signal quality.

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