does not tolerate unsolicited messages (spam). includes strict rules for limiting and monitoring potential unsolicited messages.

Why we don’t like spam

Because it consumes our time when we have to identify them, delete them or categorize them as spam. Because it invades our inbox and because there are often more than the ones that interest us.

Because they reduce clients’ trust in email communication, because they affect our reputation as senders of legitimate messages, because they cost us time and money.

For all these reasons, actively advocates against the use of unsolicited messages.

An unsolicited message is: a) any message sent to the recipient without him having provided his email address, including addresses collected from discussion lists or websites, and/or b) whose content promotes illegal activities, such as drug trafficking or prostitution.

If you received a message delivered by, it means that: a) you are one of the users of, b) your email address is contained in one or more lists of subscribers to the newsletters or c) an acquaintance (identified by email address), recommended one of the newsletters delivered by

In order to stop receiving messages sent by one of the users, you can unsubscribe at any time using the unsubscribe link in the message and confirming your option in the confirmation email you receive. uses strict security measures to protect the personal data managed and to ensure that it is not lost, exposed, altered or used for purposes other than normal.

We will not sell, rent or share the confidential information managed except at the request of a court of law. has implemented a set of strict measures to limit, discourage and monitor potential unsolicited messages sent. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Automatic inclusion of a functional and visible unsubscribe link in all sent messages.
  • Automatic processing of the unsubscribe request, immediately after confirmation
  • Implementation of a simple subscribe/unsubscribe procedure, which can be used by all customers, without additional costs
  • Permanent monitoring of the number of invalid addresses, spam reports, as well as unsubscribe rates for each submission