MyCarAlert PRO GPS device

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MyCarAlert PRO device
(Teltonika FMB003)

MyCarAlert PRO gps device (Teltonika FMB003) reads OBD car computer data, engine RPM, fuel level, computer error codes, and so on.



29.1 mm width casing allows this device to fit perfectly in any car



Main advantage of MyCarAlert PRO device (Teltonika FMB003) compared with MyCarAlert simple device (Teltonika FMB020), is that it can read car computer data such as vehicle real odometer (Km), engine RPM, fuel level, computer error codes, and so on.
Both devices have the same dimensions (29.1×52.6 mm) and will fit perfectly in any car made after 1998 (that have an OBD connector – virtually any car today).

To use the MyCarAlert app in conjunction with MyCarAlert GPS devices, a subscription must be purchased.
Why is this necessary?
The GPS device comes with a SIM card that includes a data plan, with global coverage (roaming included in over 100 countries), which is essential for sending information to our servers for storage and analysis. The mobile app connects to our servers to access your car’s information, receive alerts, and more. The subscription covers all fees associated with the SIM card, servers, and mobile app. This is the only charge you incur for using the service, as there are no additional data usage costs.

The SIM card provides coverage in over 100 different countries, including all of Europe, most of the Americas, Africa, and Asia. It automatically connects to the fastest, most reliable 2G network available, ensuring that the MyCarAlert device can transmit data wherever there is mobile phone signal.

If the device temporarily enters an area without 2G GSM signal coverage (such as certain mountainous regions), it will store the data and transmit it later when the signal is reestablished, preventing any data loss.

At MyCarAlert, we take pride in using top-quality GPS tracking devices from Teltonika Telematics, a renowned company based in Vilnius, Lithuania. Teltonika has over two decades of experience in the telematics industry, with a strong commitment to innovation, reliability, and excellence. By partnering with such a reputable company, we ensure that our customers benefit from the high-quality devices that Teltonika offers. Our clients can have confidence in the performance and durability of these devices, knowing that they are backed by a leading telematics provider. We believe that the exceptional quality of Teltonika’s GPS tracking devices ultimately results in an outstanding user experience for our customers.

If you’re interested in exploring the complete technical specifications, feel free to visit the manufacturer’s website by clicking here.

Supported Vehicles and OEM Parameters Lists

FMX003 Vehicles Supported List
FMX003 Electrical Vehicles (EV) Supported List
Note: If your vehicle is not in the list, it does not mean that you cannot install the device – Regular OBD data will still be available.

The Teltonika trademark and its associated logo, are the property TELTONIKA TELEMATICS, Vilnius, Lithuania

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 4 cm


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