Create Geo Fences

Geo Fences, known as geozones, provide you with the flexibility to establish virtual boundaries and effortlessly monitor when your vehicle enters or exits specific areas.

This functionality becomes invaluable in various situations where you desire instant alerts for parking in unsafe locations, receiving notifications when your loved ones reach their destinations, or ensuring that your vehicle remains away from dubious areas without your awareness.

From the main screen, when car is stationary, click on the green padlock to automatically create a geofence. The padlock and the green area turn red, and the geofence is shown inside the red circle.
If “Geofence Exit” alert is not activated, you will get a warning to activate the alert if you want to receive a notification when the car will exit that geofence.

Or, from Dashboard screen (left) select GeoFence menu. Here you can see the list of all geofences (right), and you can add, activate/deactivate, edit or delete your geofences.

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